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... leisure-time activities ...

Folkssports are recreation for busy people. You're not a super athlete, and you have no desire to train to win a race, but you know you need to spend some of your free time in healthy activity. Volkssports (say "folks' sports") are Sports for the People ("volks" in German) — including walking/hiking, swimming, biking and cross-country skiing. Stuff you like to do anyway. And they're geared to the novice and average person — the recreational participant. You can participate as often or as seldom as your schedule allows. There are no pledge cards or quotas, just FUN-raising. The purpose is not to benefit a charity, it's to benefit you.

... for people of all ages, alone or in groups ...

Folkssports are geared for the novice and average person — the recreational participant. Bring the whole family and a few friends. If you'd like some new friends you're sure the meet them here. Or come by yourself and participate in solitude. The choice is always yours. Because there are no performance requirements, adults and children may participate together. Many walk events are open to those in strollers and wheelchairs. But check the details on the specific events you’re interested in.

Oh, and dogs are welcome on many trails as long as they're kept on leash.

... with no competitive requirements, but plenty of rewards ...

The journey is not the only reward! Let's face it, we all need a little encouragement to keep doing those things that are good for us. Folkssports have become popular in more than 20 countries for over 35 years partly because they provide a system for encouraging regular participation.

Event awards provide instant gratification. These memorabilia become special reminders of the good times and places you've enjoyed. IVV Achievement Award credits can be earned for Distance walked (biked, skied) AND for the number of events in which you participate. These credits are recognized worldwide as symbols of achievement.

... in a unique location near you, or somewhere you want to visit ...

Folkssports are everywhere you want to be. Some events will be close to your home — you may want to enjoy them multiple times. Others will be farther away — you might need to schedule some vacation time to really enjoy them. Folkssports encourage you to travel to unique areas and discover rewarding new experiences. Or if you are already traveling for business or pleasure, adding a folkssport may be a great way to relax, exercise or experience the area.

There's joy in the journey. We encourage you to take your time on the trail — don’t rush to finish! Enjoy the scenery, geology, flora and fauna, history and local hospitality. Allow at least 2-3 hours to complete a 10km (6.2 miles) hike. Of course, you're welcome to walk, jog or run and complete the course at a pace that's most comfortable for you.

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