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Thanks to NSTT volunteers!

None of what makes NSTT events so much fun would be possible
if it weren't for our many volunteers who help make our events happen.
These are the folks who step up to volunteer at events to add a
smiling face at our registration table, or a helping hand at the food table.
They're the ones who make sure you get started on the right trail,
or hand you a walking stick to make sure you navigate the park trails safely.
Or they're the behind the scenes crew without whose help,
you'd never know when to come to our events. The volunteers who keep
the NSTT Facebook page content current; or sent out email reminders
to you so you don't forget to put our events on your calendar.
They're the ones who spend days at our parks walking and scouting trails
to be used at upcoming events or putting mailing labels on your booklets
to make sure you have all the details in your hands.

Here's a list of the volunteers who helped with 2022 events —
hopefully we didn't forget anyone because you're ALL important to us!

Marissa Armstrong, Julie Bjorklund, Peter Cartwright, Jim Deye, Ellie Eskuri, Bruce  Gravelle, Jennifer Gravelle, Lynne Grigor, Wayne Heath, Val Heath, Bonnie Johnson, Cammy Johnson, Ken Johnson, Todd Johnson, Anita Kern, Jayne Liebsch, Ed Liebsch, Bonnie Lindenfelser, Co Livingston, George Mahowald, Maureen Mahowald, Barbara McKay, Crystal Meriwether, Marge Oehkle, Sarah Paschka, Dawn Pepper, Chuck Peter, Sharon Peter, Sue Rickers, Dianna Rogers, Tom Rogers, Mary Sanko, Donna Seline, Fran Stachour, Wally Swanson, Jim Swenson, Denny Tague, Mary Tague, Diane Valen, Linda Valen

Thanks to all our volunteers for your service to NSTT!



As the year progresses, we will keep you informed of potential park closings and the possibility of cancellations or postponements as soon as we know. We are doing this as our part to keep you safe and informed. You may also be asked to sign a "contact tracing" sheet at events.

We at NSTT hope you are still able to go out and enjoy our great parks  and trails and be safe and healthy.

Happy hiking and hope to see you on the trail ... at a safe distance.

NSTT and DNR renew formal partnership agreement

NSTT and Minnesota DNR State Parks and Trails will be signing a new two year Memorandum of Agreement. This will allow the DNR time to reorganize how they work with volunteer groups, and once they've done that, we'll discuss future agreements and terms. NSTT has been “partners” with Minnesota DNR State Parks and Trails for all 25 years of our club’s existence. We’ve worked closely with staff at parks and the Central Office in St. Paul to offer quality events in Minnesota State Parks.

In August 2018, NSTT and the DNR signed a Memorandum of Agreement  (MOU) for a formal partnership between the two organizations. The MOU basically allows us to continue doing what we’ve been doing in the state parks for our events. What’s changed is that, as official partners, the DNR now will provide a number of services to NSTT at no cost, including use of facilities, as well as advertising in their printed material and on their website.

NSTT will provide from three to 10 events per year at various state parks. We will continue to do the work we’ve done in the past, providing workers to mark trails and remove signage, registration, cook food and clean up after our events.

NSTT has always worked closely with park staff to plan our events and contacted the Central Office when we’ve needed to. The additional credibility the MOU lends to NSTT events will be very important as we work to increase participation and membership in our family fun activities.

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