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Lake Maria State Park Guided Walk
Saturday, October 24

AVA Sanction ID #116165

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Group walk definitions

The Shufflers
This group will do
just one loop for 5km and is the slow
walking group that
will stop at the top of hills to catch their breath, wait for pictures to be taken, and generally take their time and “smell the autumn leaves.”

The Scooters
This group will be divided into faster
and slower groups leaving about 5 minutes apart. The group will move along at a pretty average pace. It will stop
when group members feel a need and will definitely not be breaking any speed laws.

The Batsouttahell — This is the fast
group who may stop
to read a marker or take a picture, but basically are very
fast walkers.

Walkers are encouraged to
walk with the group most closely resembling their
style and ability
of walking. We
want our group
walks to be fun
for everyone!

This is a guided
walk and
to AVA policies,
all walkers must
walk in a group with
a group leader. No exceptions can be made as walkers on their own could represent a liability to NSTT and AVA
if they are injured
on the trail.

Start/finish:Trail Center.

Registration starts at 9:30 a.m. Announcements at 9:45. The Scooters (see walk group definitions to left) will start at 10 a.m. The Batsouttahell will start at approximately 10:15 and the Shufflers at 10:45 a.m. Note: Late arrivals will have to wait for the Scooters or Batsouttahell to return and join them on their second loop, or join the Shufflers 5km group.
The Trail

Sanctioned for 10km. One 5km loop will go to Maria Lake on natural park trails and perhaps some leaf colors.The second 5km loop will go up to the Group Camp and a short distance on the dirt park road. All trails have some hills.
There may be horses on some trails.

Event Award

Blandings Turtle leather pin, $8; IVV event book credit, $3; walk only, $2.

Event Contacts

For event information call Donna, 612-529-0552 or Peter, 612-850-4700, cell.
For park info, 763-878-2325.

NSTT  Annual Meeting and Lunch

After the walk join us for a potluck lunch, our annual meeting and lots of door prizes! Bring along a dish to share — appetizers, salads, casseroles, bread, desserts ... whatever ... and your own beverage.

NSTT provides the paper products and eating utensils.

Directions to the start area

11411 Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello, MN 55362. The park is located 35 miles west of the Twin Cities just south of I94 near Monticello. It can be reached from the north via County State Aid Highway 8 and Wright County 111, and from the south via County State Aid High 39 and Wright County 111. Watch for brown state park signs.
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