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Ely Club Trip
September 8-15

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Some of the activities will depend on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the mine tour and pontoon rides.

Our walks should not be an issue, since we’re outside, though we may have to practice distancing on our trails.

NSTT is taking another club trip in September!

NSTT walkers had such a good time on the NW Corner trip in 2017 they’ve been asking when we’ll do it again. Well, we’re doing it again in 2021 and we’re going up to the Ely area to walk some challenging trails and have some fun together as a group.

Several trips to the area have been made by the organizing committee, and we think we’ve got a great trip planned for you! We’re going to the Ely area because our newest state park, Lake Vermilion Soudan Underground Mine, will have a new trail open that we can walk to enjoy this newest addition to our state park system.

The trip will be run much like last time, with participants responsible for their own lodging, transportation and food. You will pay a flat registration fee that will cover event registration, a leather banner award and three lunches.

The current plan is to reserve the largest of the new group camps at Lake Vermilion, which has electric hookups for RVs and trailers, as well as flush toilets/hot showers and an enclosed picnic shelter. This will be our “command center” and where most of our folks will probably stay.

Events will start on Thursday, September 9, but you will probably want to come up the day before, as our first event will be at Voyageurs National Park, which is a 1-1/2–2 hour drive from Tower/Ely. The last event will be in the BWCAW on Tuesday, September 15. Again, you will probably want to stay overnight and drive home on Wednesday. Both these parks offer pretty challenging trails, so we put them at either end so those who do have walking issues may choose to skip those two events.

So where are we walking? Take a look!

September 9 - Voyageurs National Park, starting from the Kab-Ash Visitors Center. A longer lollipop trail will be for the sure-footed, with two shorter trails available for slower, shorter distance walkers. The area is so remote, box lunches will be available.

September 10 - Bear Head Lake State Park will be our first state park walk. Again two trails will be available with variable degrees of difficulty. We, again, will offer a bag lunch after walking.

September 11 - Lake Vermilion, the new addition to the park will be our Saturday walk. Walk out to a beautiful overlook of the lake or go deeper into the park on an old logging road for more views. Plans are for a hobo soup supper in the evening.

September 12 - Soudan Underground Mine will be the focus of Sunday's events, with an cage trip to the 27th level for a walking tour of the mining drift (tunnel). After that, continue your walk on surface trails in the park. In the afternoon, we hope to offer a couple of pontoon tours on Lake Vermilion, all dependent on weather and the coronavirus. Boat ride will be limited, so register early.

September 13 - Trezona Trail by Ely will give you an easy day and an easy walk around an old mining lake. Later we’ll drive out to Kawishiwi Falls and in the evening meet at the Boathouse Brewpub for supper.

September 14 - Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a water park, so the trails we’ll use are actually portage trails for canoeists in the BWCAW. We’ll walk in two different areas of the park, each a different degree of difficulty. Groups are limited to nine folks at a time, so you’ll be walking in smaller groups there. We’re hoping to have lunch at the YMCA Camp du Nord, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll have a box lunch.

There will be a digital event booklet coming out later. If you have signed up already, you will get one by email. If you have not signed up, send your email address, phone and name to info@nstt.org and we’ll put you on the list.

Some of the activities will depend on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic,
such as the mine tour and pontoon rides. Our walks should not be an issue,
since we’re outside, though we may have to practice distancing on our trails.

We will have to reserve the Lake Vermilion Group Camp by the end of May, so registrations will be due prior to that ... just so you can start planning on your attendance! It’s a busy season so you might want to look for lodging if you aren’t a camper. Hope to see you there!

Watch for further details!

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