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Outdoor activities for busy people

Looking for an opportunity to spend free time in healthy activities? If you like walking...you’re going to love Folkssports!

Folkssports or "Sports for People" include walking, swimming, biking, cross-country skiing, skating and snowshoeing, geared to the novice sports enthusiast. Folkssports, which originated in Germany, are leisure-time activities for people of all ages, alone or in groups, with no competitive requirements but plenty of rewards, in a location near you or somewhere you want to visit.

The NorthStar Trail Travelers is a unique Folkssports club that holds walking and snowshoeing events primarily in Minnesota State Parks, trails, forests and recreation areas.

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2023 events could be subject to cancellation if restrictions are put in place. You may be asked to sign a "contact tracing" sheet. 

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Celebrating 25 years of quality events in Minnesota's great     state parks!


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